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The Last Survivor

The Legend of Walt Disney pays a visit to Jacob, the last remaining Holocaust survivor on his last day on earth. He claims the Israelis have sent him. They must hold on to the proof that the Holocaust existed, therefore cannot let Jacob die, and so, use the science of Cryogenics to freeze him. Disney, himself ‘cryogenized,’ wants Jacob to join him, and tries to convince him to the let the Israelis do it.

The Last Survivor is a fantastical story in an imaginary setting that portrays the juxtaposition of two cultures, one that clings to the past and one that clings to the future; one that is obsessed with memory and one that idolizes eternal youth and fantasy. But more than that, it is a critical statement of the State of Israel and its handling of the Holocaust - clinging to it as a justification for committing present day actions and at the same time mistreating the survivors who live within its borders. 

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